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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my ChukBand™ Last?

  • The ChukBand™ can last for many years with proper care but our average customer replaces their leather after 1-2 years of heavy use. Dollar for dollar, our ChukBand™ offers more value than any competing product.

I sweat a lot. What can the ChukBand™ do for me?

  • The ChukBand™ provides unbelievable relief from sweating where other products fail. 
    • ChukBand™ is NOT a sponge.
    • ChukBand™ is NOT a polyester or cotton liner.
  • ChukBand™ IS Naurtal elk leather that will wick away sweat and provide all day comfort without becoming soaked.
  • When the leather becomes wet with sweat, evaporation will provide a cooling effect to the forehead.
  • Field tests have shown that wearing ChukBand™ will help keep your hard hat in place, even when sweating.
    • ​​​​​​​Elk leather has a natural tackiness that will cling to the skin without forming an irritating bond. 
  • Spend less time adjusting and more time looking good on the job.

  • How do I clean & maintain The ChukBand™?
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth daily.
  • To minimize odor formation, allow to dry daily by storing in a well-ventilated area. (Think of wet clothes left in a washer!)
    • We recommend using Chuk Spray - our new all-natural leather cleaner. Keeps your leather smelling fresh and looking new!
    • As your leather ages, color changes or staining is to be expected, and should not affect its performance. 
    • When properly maintained, you should expect up to a year or more of regular use from your ChukBand!
              (A great value compared to other disposable liners!)


    Is The ChukBand™ colorfast? Will the color transfer to my skin?

    • Like any dyed product, some color may bleed during break in
      • Regular cleaning will help minimize this
      • Dye may bleed if exposed to alcohol in sweat or products containing alcohol such as hair gel, cologne, sunblock, etc.


    What If I have a problem with fit or installing my ChukBand™?

    • The ChukBand™ has been designed for maximum compatibility and ease of installation.
      • If you are having a hard time installing your ChukBand™, first confirm that you have the correct model by checking out our fit guide
      • The natural elk leather that we use to make The ChukBand™ has variations in thickness and hide stiffness, therefore:
        • Some additional effort may be required to ply the leather into a proper molded fit. The tighter, the better, to prevent sliding. 
        • If your ChukBand™ leather is excessively thick or stiff, it may require the leather be pulled into place by slightly stretching the leather into its position around your headgear. 
        • We recommend that you remove or cut out the existing liner in your headgear for best fit.
          • This will also help prevent odor formation
        • Still having a fit problem? Contact us for personalized assistance.

    I’ve ordered the wrong model and need to return. What do I do?

    • Returns will only be accepted if the ChukBand has not been worn.
    • A 15% Restocking fee will apply to all returned orders (Open or not)
    • RETURN the unused ChukBand to:
      • P.O. BOX 4 SHADY POINT OK  74956
      • Be sure to include packing slip or a note with your name or order number on it.
      • CONFIRM model needed (We Can Help If Needed)
      • PURCHASE the correct model via our website. Your replacement will ship immediately, and you will receive a refund when your original order is received by our workshop.
    • CONACT us at or call us at 866-319-2088 with questions or if you require special assistance.

    What if I have a question not listed?